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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can you imagine anything being more fun?

Last weekend, Mike and Matthew had their first Adventure Guides Campout. All I can say is OH MY. There must have been serious fun going on. Matthew came home, slept for 3 hours (WOW) and then slept all night--unheard of. Anywho, this was special for Mike and I because we have wonderful memories of the same campouts with our dads. I was in Indian Princesses and Mike was in Indian Guides, so we love that this tradition is continuing. (Apparently, it's no longer "Indian" and is the more politically correct "Adventure" Guides). Here's the group of wild men: Matthew's first canoe trip.
Oh my--his first b.b. gun. (You'll shoot your eye out. You'll shoot your eye out.--think "Christmas Story). Thankfully, both eyes were indeed intact when he got home.

Meet Bob the horse. Matthew has said at least 17 times "I miss my horse, Bob." He LOVED this.

He also caught his first fish and earned 3 badges-woo hoo!!! Molly had a great weekend together--just girls. We played, colored, drank margaritas--well, I drank margaritas, she stuck with milk. I missed the boys and were glad when they brought their stinky selves home. I have a strong suspicion that Matthew wore the same underwear all weekend. But I guess that's what a boy weekend is all about.

4 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

HOW FUN! OK, was it hard to let go knowing Matthew would be using a bb gun? Robbie keeps talking about taking Kole hunting and I about have a heart attack thinking about it! Love the sweet pictures!

Griffith Family said...

It looks like they had a grand time! So glad your husband took photos. What wonderful memories your children will have.

gorgeous said...

OMGoddess, Matthew and so many firsts on the Adventure Weekend! I love every pic - the guys, the gun, the canoe, and Bob the Horse. Matthew is such a GUY!

Mike is such a good father, You are such a good mother and M & M are such great children!


Griffith Family said...

I logged on today and saw I had a "follower" and it's you!! That's too funny! Didn't know that was even an option. I'm so honored!!