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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Craig's Friend

OK--I've officially begun my first Craigslist adventure. I've listed 3 items and already had offers on all 3 (which I declined because they were too low, but still). I have lots to update from our weekend--Mike and Matthew went on their first Adventure Guides campout and he took the camera--so I have pictures!!!! The point is: Mike was gone this weekend and I never sleep good when he's gone, so I was up late on Saturday with the laptop and looking at Craigslist to do research on my upcoming listings when I found a hilarious new form of entertainment!!!! Craigslist has a section titled "Missed Connections." I had no idea this existed. Apparently, this is where some people go to say things like this:

"You were the cute guy picking apples at Whole Foods in Plano around 1:30 on Saturday. I was the blond who needed help reaching the salad dressing. I really would like to see you again."

And it goes on and on. I sat there and read Missed Connections for at least an hour, and it was so amusing!!!! I'd recommend it, especially if you can't sleep. Quite entertaining.

4 people had nice things to say:

Griffith Family said...

That's too funny. I've never read that section, but definitely will. I've bought several things from craigslist.com. It's good especially when one has small reckless children and the odds are good that they will destroy your furniture.

Lucy said...

LOVE the Craigslist and LOVE the missed connections.

We got our awesome Chicago apartment from Craigslist. GOOOOOOO Craig!

Hollie said...

OK, I'm still laughing since we talked about this on the phone...seriously?! I'm gonna have to go check it out!

gorgeous said...

Send the camping pics! I hate Craig's list! I love you!