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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

OK--I really don't like that title. I don't wish to imply that I'm so busy that the important stuff is falling through the cracks. It's not. I'm busy with the important stuff: my sweet children. This weekend is our family Christmas with my extended family and Matthew has been talking about it for weeks. He loves his cousins, and they love him right back. Molly isn't sure what's going on, but I think she's anticipating fun.
As I mentioned, I volunteered to organize the Teacher Appreciation lunch at their school. My first inclination was NOT to do it. But then I started thinking: why not? it's just time. this is why I'm staying home. i want Matthew and Molly to know that I'm involoved--to see me at school, to know that they are important--not all the other "stuff."
But of course, I've fit in some other "stuff" this week too. Lots of Christmas shopping while they were at school, my first mammogram (because of my "age," excuse me?), laundry, ordering Christmas cards, did I mention laundry?, and last, but certainly not least, I have taken a shower and applied actual makeup every single day. Whoa Nelly! Now that, my friends, is something to celebrate!

4 people had nice things to say:

Griffith Family said...

Cute post! You've got your mojo Mama. We have less than 2 weeks until Christmas and it sounds like you are doing the important stuff.

BTW, I loved the photos you did for us. Got the Christmas cards ordered and now they sit on my desk awaiting attention. Ordered a few prints of others for gifts. Will look more after Christmas.

Glad you are well (bathed and makeuped)!


Lucy said...

Yikes! So sorry you had to do a mammagram! I was told I could wait til I was 40. Whew!

Was it awful?

Camily said...

The mammogram was odd. It was weird having some lady put my "boobies" in a machine and squish them to bits. Just weird. It didn't really hurt--but it ranks right up there with getting your annual exam. They had big bowls of hersheys kisses sitting around the room and every woman that came out took several, which I thought was funny, because usually women don't take them. One lady said "well, I sure deserve some chocolate after that!"

gorgeous said...

OH, Your first "mammy gram!" Yeah for you, isn't technology wonderful! Small pics of your precious, gorgeous and sensuous breasts to keep you healthy! I love my "mammy grams", I get The Girls all ready by singing songs and dancing in the shower on the day I go for the pics! The Girls are smilin' and laughin' through the whole thing, they love being on stage!