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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Season Fun

Oh y'all, we had such fun yesterday. We got up early and headed downtown for the Christmas parade. It was the first time I had been to it, and it was so worth it! I think this may really be a new family tradition for us. It was great!

Of course I had to stop in this cute little window sill and try to take some pictures of Matthew and Molly--until I looked at them and realized that they looked like they had gotten up early and been sitting outside in the cold for 3 hours. They were still cute pics, but let's just say . . . not Christmas card material!

I still had no photo for our Christmas cards (kind of like the cobbler's kids with no shoes), so we headed down for a family photo shoot--dressed up and as precious as can be. I got a few good shots, but Molly didn't want to sit close to Matthew, and Matthew knew this. Of course he was bothering her, and trying to sit closer and closer. It was definitely one of those brother/sister moments!

This says it all.

We also spent some time at the mall, doing a little Christmas shopping, and I love this picture of my mom. Her eyes really are that blue.

I still have a lot of shopping to do this week, I want to take the kids to see Santa, it's my week to do snack for Matthew's class, meals to cook, Christmas cards to address, family Christmas weekend to prepare for, Matthew's class field trip on Wednesday, and a teacher appreciation luncheon to organize. How fun! I think there are some weeks when this might overwhelm me, but I just love Christmas and am so thankful that I can do these things for my family--truly.
Oh--one more cute thing. Long story short: At church this morning, I took Matthew up with me to the front of our church to do communion (his first communion in big church). I whispered all of the instructions, we wait in line, get up to the front, kneel down, say our prayer, the minister comes over and gives us the cracker and juice and says (this is the body of Christ, the blood of Christ . . .), Matthew eats, drinks, and then looks up at the minister and says "Can I have more juice?!" So sweet and funny! Then he folds his little hands and says his prayer and I was just in awe at my precious boy.

4 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

Goodness girl, you weren't lying were you? You said, 'I need a new look and I will blog more'....I LOVE all the updated you are doing. Love all the pix too!

And Matthew....just PRECIOUS!!!...so, so sweet!

Lucy said...

Love all of the pix. Especially Matthew's silly face! Looks like his mom! :)

gorgeous said...

Family Extraordinaire!
Pics are precious and I love those Christmas ballons! Molly is so charming, engaging smile and just enough prissiness that makes me think she owns the world!


Andrea "The H family" said...

So fun honey. Looks like it was a blast. Actually..I would use your parade family picture as your Christmas card. Great picture of all of you!
Love you honey!