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Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Night Life

Now try to contain yourself and not be too jealous of my glamourous Friday Night! What I really wanted to do was to meet Dear Husband on his way home from work, have dinner, and go Christmas shopping for a bit (keeping the kids up past their bedtime). However, DH had to work late and I got over-ruled on going out to eat. I think he mumbled something about saving money, Christmas is almost here, blah blah blah (NOT what I wanted to hear). SO--here is me being OH so excited about the prospect of cooking dinner on Friday night. I tried to muster a little happiness. It was hard. (Please forgive the point and shoot--the quality is not like my good camera). This is what Matthew was doing while I was cooking. I think he was watching infomercials and I'm not kidding. It was about some kind of hamburger cooking pan and he kept running in to tell me how easy it would make cooking hamburgers (and all you have to do is wipe the pan clean when you're finished). He's a marketers dream! (Note: there is a Christmas tree--only no lights and no decorations. We'll get there!)

Molly was getting into the bag of things in the kitchen (notice her look of intensity).
Ahhh . . . the things I can come up with for dinner when there is nothing to cook. MMMMM. Can you feel my excitement? Hamburger patties, green beans. Mmmmmm.

And let's not forget Kraft macaroni and cheese--Miss Molly's favorite!

And this is what makes the meal for Mommy (I was really hoping for a margarita, but oh well).

My sweet little children--they think it's delicious! Probably only because they didn't know what I really wanted to do!

Matthew at the table. We try to stifle his playing as much as possible while eating, but I'm telling you, it is Q U I T E a challenge.
So if there are any anonymous, wealthy readers out there who feel pity for me and would like to send me a few restaurant gift cards, I would gladly accept. (Only kidding--I know, I know . . . it's not that bad--we're lucky to have a nice home, good food to eat, blah blah blah). Love you!

3 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

L-O-V-E it!!!!!!!....really, love it! So classic!

Griffith Family said...

You make it look like fun! Love the informercials and Matthew- too funny!

gorgeous said...

Friday night blues turned into Friday night "whatever!" Love the photos! Did you go shoppppppping?