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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm turning Japanese, oh yes, I'm turning Japanese

I really think so.

Why the 80's song? Well, as I mentioned earlier, we've been dancing around the house a lot. The radio is a bit inconsistant as far as dance tempo, so I got out my old cd's and Matthew's current fave is the soundtrack from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" which I saw with my BFF in the actual theater. So funny. So the song "I'm turning Japanese" is on the soundtrack and he loves it! Hilarious.

We went with Matthew's friend, Preston, to Tae Kwon Doe on Thursday night for Pizza Buddy Night. He loved it. The coach was awesome and Matthew totally got into it.

Molly is still a little sickie. Her temp has been high--like 103--and she feels like poo. I just can't stand it. I love that she loves to be held when she's sick, I just hate the actual sickness. I took her back the doctor yesterday and he said it was the infamous virus that is going around (Damn you, germ ridden play area at the mall). He always says "give it a week to 10 days and if she gets worse bring her back. It started on Monday night, so I'm hoping she's going to be starting to get better soon. She actually is somewhat better, but still not herself by any means. I just love this picture.

Happy weekend, everyone! Only 5 more days until my scrapbook retreat! Woo Hoo!

3 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Miss Molly, my golly, out ol' mean virus. Bath in her ebsom salts and pull the virus out as well as putting Vicks on her feet and covering them in salts! Those are Taos Pueblo remedies and they work! I too love the pic of BooBoo and Molly!

Matthew looks like a little takewando (or however it is spelled) soldier - he must be enrolled and soon!


Lucy said...

Poor little sick girl, but what a sweet picture of her and her grandpa!

And I just want to thank you in advance as I have a feeling I'll be singing "turning Japanese, oh yes, I'm turning Japanese" all damn day! Urgh! :)

The Waters Family said...

That tune is running through my mind now-- LOL
That's hysterical that Matthew loves it!

Glad that y'all had a fun time at Karate!! and I so hope little Molly is all better by this weekend and that no one else catches the virus!!

Can't wait to see you Friday!!! YAYY!!