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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I dream of Genie

If I found a Genie in a bottle today, here are my wishes:

1. If I got 3 wishes, I would use my first wish to wish for enough wishes to cover this list.

2. A housekeeper. It's bad--in fact, I almost had a breakdown this morning. I know I'm a stay-at-home mom and I'm fine with the housework usually, but I feel like I've become the housekeeper. I refuse to be the housekeeper. I think we are going to institute a new rule: Every night before bath time, we will spend 20 minutes picking up the house.

3. Someone to do the yard. I don't Mike to have to do the yard, taking time away from the kids, when he gets so little to begin with.

4. My hair done and a lip/eyebrow wax. It would be nice.

5. A fresh coat of paint. The inside of the house really needs it. Think kids with markers (that are "washable") scribbling on two walls. Not to mention the hundreds of times trucks, airplanes, and racecars have zoomed into said walls. And tiny handprints.

6. A trip to Chicago. The weekend of April 18th. So that I can go to my BFF's baby shower.

7. All the "little" things in our house to be fixed. Nothing big--but lots of littles.

8. Did I mention a housekeeper?

9. Most of all: health and happiness for my family. I guess this is the biggest wish and the one that is at the top of the list.

10. I could go on, but I'm feeling greedy. And you know what my dad always says? "Don't let greed bite you in the ass."

Love you all! Keep warm!!!!

3 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

I wish for #6 too!!

Love you!

gorgeous said...

F**k Greed! Be Greedy and state your desires loud and clear, set your intentions and let of of the results and watch Infinite Intelligence provide!

Love your Greeds!

Griffith Family said...

Oh, I so agree with you. Last summer David left out the lawn mower and surprise! it was taken. Praise God because mowing the lawn sucks. Yep, I really meant sucks. Big. So we started to pay someone and it is fabulous!!! Just this past Monday, my maid started and sister, it is divine. I too was tired of being the maid. I'm not old but I don't want to be on my hands and knees scrubing where people pee. Just couldn't do it any longer. I rationalize it by what it is per week although she only comes every other week and then what is my sanity worth. I say go for it and enjoy the luxury. We only go around once! Enjoy the ride too.