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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So whatcha been doin?

Hi. How are you? Whatcha been doin'? I'm good. We're good. Good. I'm glad you're here. I've got a new look courtesy of my super-talented and amazing friend Hollie. She designs blogs and I love what she did for me! Love it! And, if you check her blog, you just might see a little something from me in the near future.

Mike got to by Mystery Reader in Matthew's class. It was so cute, I couldn't resist hiding and taking a few pictures. I got there late, so I missed all the kids hiding there eyes and waiting for the Mystery Reader to appear. Matthew was so excited that it was his Daddy!

I couldn't resist sneaking in to take a few pictures of Little in her room. I had to hide next door in the baby room and take pictures through the window, so the quality is blurry and not great, but I had to catch a secret peek!

I also did a super-quick mini shoot of the kids to get new photos for the blog. There were several that didn't make the cut, but that I liked. I love the hug shot. Molly's giving Matthew a kiss, which means she puts her lips on the kissee without the actual kissing noise. So sweet.

Love this boy!

Oh, and how did Cindy Lou Who make it to this photo shoot? So sweet! That about wraps things up here. I'm trying to ignore the craving I'm having for buffalo wings that started last Thursday. I'm hoping if I ignore it long enough it will go away. I think I'll go eat my Lean Cuisine before it becomes an emergency! Hugs!

5 people had nice things to say:

April said...

Love your new makeover. That's the best one I've seen ever. Very cute and very different!! I just entered the giveaway on Hollie's site. I NEED and WANT this photo session with you so bad!!!! Very excited about this!! Thanks for having it!

The Waters Family said...

LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK! It's so original and fun! Love the new pics of the kiddos too!-- they are so gorgeous and will totally be 'heartbreakers'!!! LOL

and how awesome that your hubby got to be the surprise reader! And it's a good thing you snuck in there to take pics so the memory can be SCRAPBOOKED!

gorgeous said...

So, you have stooped to sneaking around the children's school - oh my!
Mike looks adorable and oh so intrigued in his story! I know Matthew was thrilled to have Mike be the Mystery Reader! Molly's fashion is totally fabulous, what a heart throb she is!

I am eating Weight Watchers dinners for lunch and quite frankly, they are not bad - hum, what have come to?


The Waters Family said...

IT'S TOTALLY A WARM BEAN BAG NIGHT!! I love love love love my bean bag Camily!!!!!!!!! I really do! and so does the rest of my family-- They keep wanting to steal it from me-- BUT NOT TONIGHT!! LOL

Andrea "The H family" said...

your blog is amazing girl. Your friend did a fantastic job.
Love the mystery reader. Don't you wished you could have gotten Matthew's face on video when he saw Daddy. Priceless.
I miss you too sweetie pie!
To answer your question: I've been doing: facebook; sick kids; work; and nursing my bitchy mom.