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Friday, April 10, 2009

Alabama . . . A Blogathon

There have been so many things I want to post and I just haven't. So, I'm going back in time . . . but only 2 weeks. We went to Alabama to visit Mike's parents for Spring Break and there are sooo many pictures I could post. So what the heck? I'm going to post A LOT of them. Prepare yourself and get your scrolling finger ready.

So cute . . . Molly and Granddad.
We went out to Landmark Park for some big family fun they were having. Oh my . . . it was so fun! There was a petting zoo, tons of old-fashioned farm equipment, food, shows, crafts, it just went on and on.

One day, Mike and I took the kids to the beach. Grandmom (or "B-Mom" as Molly has named her) and Granddad live really close to the Florida beaches, so we HAVE to go everytime we go for a visit. Notice that Molly still won't actually touch the sand with any body parts. I think her little fingers on her left hand clutching her knee tell the whole story.

I love this picture (even if I didn't take it with my good camera) because you can see Mike and Matthew in the background. I may blow this one up and hang it in my bedroom.
I call this one "Head in Sand." I got the inspiration for the title from Andrea.

OK. Could there BE anything cuter? No. There couldn't. This is why I love my husband.

Big hugs from B-Mom.

This was amazing. We had a bag of goldfish and Matthew threw some to the seagulls. They started coming in really close to us and they would catch the goldfish in mid-air while they were flying. It was so cool! The kids loved it and so did we!

Now I want to point something out here. This was Day 2 at the beach. It was really windy and cold that day, but we had fun (it was the feeding the birds day). Well, notice that Little is walking in the sand with out shoes. Her actual feet are touching actual sand. She was so interested in the birds that she forgot about her hatred of the sand! It was priceless!

The night before we came home, we drove to Atlanta because we were flying back home from there. Mike has a cousin that lives there, so we met them for dinner. Matthew was so excited because he had cousins he'd never met before. He and Jonah were two peas in a pod.
Here's all the cousins.
I love this picture because it is just soooooo Matthew's personality.

My pictures are a little out of order here, but this is sweet. Mike took this of his mom and the kids while they were on a tour of the helicopter museum.

Back to Atlanta . . . Matthew has never, ever had his very own big dessert before. He was VERY serious about it. The boys thought they were SO cool.

This isn't the greatest picture by any means, but I had to put it in because it's the only one of me on the entire 8 day trip. I'm always the one with the camera. But this proves that I was there!
There is actually a long story that goes here. While we were in Atlanta Thursday night, we were staying in a hotel. Mike and Matthew went to the hot tub before bed, and Matthew ran all the way back to the room--he was totally fine. When he got back, I helped him get his jammies on and he went straight to bed. We were all in one room, and I was sleeping in a bed with Matthew. I noticed him kind of crying and moaning in the night and thought he was having a bad dream, but it went on for too long, so I woke him up. He said his foot was hurting. I couldn't tell anything in the dark and didn't think too much of it since I didn't remember him hurting it. The next morning when we got up, it was so swollen. He refused to walk on it at all (which was interesting going through the airport), so I took him straight to the doctor when we got home. We spent 3 or 4 hours at the doctor and then they E.R. because he had to have it x-rayed. They were pretty sure it was fractured, which, as it turns out, it was just a very bad sprain (still don't know how it happened). It wasn't getting any better, so now he is wearing an orthopedic boot for 4-6 weeks. I have to blog some pictures because it's pretty cute. I'm amazed at the fact that it doesn't seem to slow him down. He is still playing, doing t-ball (more pictures of that to come, as well), going to school, etc. He hasn't missed a beat. Including his Adventure Guides camp out with Mike.
Mike took these pictures with the point and shoot at the camp out and I'm so impressed. This one was Matthew riding on Mike's shoulders and Mike just held the camera up and snapped the picture. The A&M cap is on Mikes' head. (Please excuse the boogies in the nose--I'm too tired to photoshop tonight).
Mike took this one of their shadows against a wall with Matthew still on his shoulders. Way to be creative, love!

So that was our trip to Alabama (Florida and Georgia). Great memories for all of us!

7 people had nice things to say:

Camily said...

Hi everyone. It's me. Camily. I just noticed when Mike was looking at these pictures that I posted one picture twice. Evidently I can't be trusted after 10 pm. It's past my bedtime.

Griffith Family said...

Love all the photos!!! Your children are precious and I love that Molly doesn't like sand. We went to Miami when Grace was less than 2 and I anticipated lots of sandcastles and playing in the waves. Uh, no. Lots of tears as she didn't like sand at all. Now she loves, loves, loves it. Even discussing a sand pit in the backyard with great enthusiasm. Glad you put in a photo of you. You must document your existence as the children will want to know in the future. Side note- your brows look very nice. I aspire to such brows!

Enjoyed the post!

gorgeous said...

Of all the pics my favs are Miss Molly and you, Matthew and Mike's shadow and Molly clutching her leg with her tiny fingers! In the McQuay family having your very own dessert is like breathing! I am so glad Matthew has arrived!

You gotta write a book!

Lucy said...

LOVE the pix!

Can't wait to see you THIS week. I've got company in town until Monday, but I promise I'll call soon.

Shelly said...

i love them all! what great pics! i cant wait for you to take them of my family!!

The Waters Family said...

What a great story your pics tell! You are such a beautiful little family! Love the birds and how Molly forgot about hating the sand-- her footprints are sweet!

Happy Easter!

The Drama Mama said...

OMG, love all the pix!! I still can't get over how Matthew hurt his foot?? Can't wait to see those pictures! OK, so can we get together this week? Kole has asked me three days straight if we could see Matthew! Miss you, girl!