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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pay it Forward

I like this. I really do. I read this on Ann's blog and I am doing it, too. The idea is to Pay it Forward. I think she was in a long line of bloggers that were paying it forward. So, here's the deal. The first 5 people who leave me a comment will receive a little gift from me this year. In return, you offer the same thing on your blog or via email if you don't blog to pay it forward to 5 folks if they will do the same. And i will make it with my own two hands... again, some time this year. But you have to leave a comment! So I will make it my very own self and I promise it will be cute and maybe even beautiful and relevant to your life. I've made some pretty cute things--according to Mike, who always proclaims "You should sell this!"

I can't wait to see who the first 5 Pay it Forwarders are!

And if you add yourself as a "follower" to my blog, I will supersize your Pay it Forward!

6 people had nice things to say:

Alicia said...

Hi! I am an old friend of Hollie's, and found you through her! You crack me up, and I can't wait to try the soup!

Love this post! I think it's awesome,and super sweet!

The Drama Mama said...

YAY...for adding the follower things! I'm not sure if there is really a point other than to know who reads your blog...but you know I am reading. Pay it forward...I like that! Will blog about this when I can! Love you, girl!

The Waters Family said...

what a cool concept-- to pay it forward! I'm racking my brain as to what I could offer other than doing service in one way or another -- as I don't have the "talents" that you have! :)
BUT- This will be fun!

Shelly said...

this sounds like fun...and i have all year to get five people something so sure, I will do this! and, as you know, i am already a follower.

gorgeous said...

Yeah! I win #5 and am the succulent suckhole of surprise gifts from Camily! Love the idea of paying it forward - bring on the gifts! Oh yeah, I am a faithful follower!

The Waters Family said...

Hey girl- I'm just re-browsing some of your posts-- I have to say-- I love the pic of Molly and Grandad looking at one another! So sweet! That photo will be priceless to Molly one day!