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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I think I just got Pay It Forward-ed!

Hey you guys! Guess what just happened to me??! I think I just got Pay It Forwarded (I know, not a word, whatever.) So here's what happened. After I picked Matthew and Molly up from school today, we played for a bit and then we were headed home. I was passing a Wendy's and got the brilliant idea to head through the drive through and get the kids a Frosty. OK, and one for me, too. I can not even tell you when we had a Frosty last. I know Molly wasn't born. I think it might have been when Matthew was 18 months old and we went to Lake Tahoe for Thanksgiving. Anyway, we go through and I order 3 small Frosties. The total was like $3.87. I pull up to pay, and the Wendy's lady goes "That lady paid for you. (pointing to the car in front of me)." I said "What?" I couldn't even comprehend what she was saying. Again "That lady (pointing to where the white Suburban used to be) paid for your order." What!!!? So I drive up quickly to see her and wave a thank you and a wow, you're the best, and she's gone. Totally drove fast so as not to be thanked.

Thank you White Suburban Lady!

I will definitely Pay This Forward! It totally made my afternoon!!!!

4 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

That is so cool! It makes me want to go out and pay it forward in some way.

P.S. Love Wendy's frosties. We lived practically next door to a Wendy's in Nashville, but I have no idea where the closest one is here in Chicago. Sad. :(

gorgeous said...

OH, I love the reminder to do anonymous good! And YOU are so deserving of being a recipient of "paying it forward!"


Shelly said...

that is really cool and really does make you want to go do something good for someone else too, huh??

The Waters Family said...

OH my gosh-- That is so cool-- That white suburban lady is so awesome-- What a sweet gesture and easy way to make someones day!

BTW-- it was so fun tonight! I had a blast!