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Friday, August 28, 2009


Evidence . . . that there is a little girl running around in my house. Her brother is at school, and she has discovered a new-found freedom. There isn't a big boy to tell her what to do (or what NOT to do), to boss her around, to play BOY games with--and I think Little Missy is discovering a whole new world.

Little People!

(I know, I know. . . the paci! We're working on it!)

And I even had time to make this while she was playing:
and to see if I could hand-embroider her name.

We've had a great day, complete with Molly's favorite lunch: macaroni and cheese. The house is quiet--she's napping--and I actually have a little time to myself. This is a very strange feeling, indeed!

4 people had nice things to say:

The Waters Family said...

she's such a cutie- and definitely creative fun and girly in her play choices! Love the pic of her petting the kitty!

Shelly said...

hey, just wanted to tell you what worked for me when trying to get the boys off their paci's. clip the end of the nipple then give it to her as usual, if she has more than one then clip all of the nipples and let her have them as usual. as i was told, they will not like how it feels and just not want it. yeah, she may start crying and whining for a normal one but you dont give in, you just keep giving her the ones you clipped. this worked like a charm on my older two and will be doing this again with my youngest if he still has one when he is about two!

gorgeous said...

Oh a day at the movies with Molly - you are on your way to being a writer, director and producer! OH and costume and set designer! I love her paci - so glad she still has it. My paci's consist of coffee, diet coke, Crystal light peach tea, almonds and on occasions Snickers candy bars. Do you really care that she is using the paci at home? or for that matter in public? Please, leave it until she decides to replace it on her own with whatever she chooses. Molly will let you know - remember she is a Baby Goddess in training and she has "perfect and elegant timing!"

I suggest you enjoy your free time and take the Shame Cap off - YOU are an extraordinary mother - flaunt it, Darling!


Murry Mayhem said...

I bet she's discovering so much more now! What a sweetie, enjoy the mommy daughter time...oh wait, I'm sure you are!