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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just me being tacky

So, it's raining here for the 97th day in a row or something like that . . . anyway, I was in Target doing a little shopping when I overheard this woman, let's call her Dottie (why? because this is my blog and I can name her any tacky name I want). She had run into someone she knew and the other woman said "Oh, I like your hat." To which Dottie replies "Oh, thanks. You know it's so much better than an umbrella (said in an "surely you don't carry an umbrella, you idiot" voice). My thought: Oh, yes. Carrying your giant gray hat that doesn't match your outfit around in Target is so much better than me, who coordinates, with my teeny, tiny, umbrella stowed neatly under my cart. Take that, hat lady!

4 people had nice things to say:

Murry Mayhem said...

HeHeHe! That's great!

Judith said...

Dottie and Her Gray Hat - I think there is a story in that! I love the silly name you gave her to match her silly hat, loud condeming voice and the at least you were in Target and not Wally World!

you are so funnnnnnnnnny!

Shelly said...

thats funny! and hats just mess your hair up and you have to take that hat off sooner or later! i think you must go to target as much as i do! i love that place!

The Waters Family said...

Umbrellas rule and Hats drool! LOL thanks for the laugh!
oh-- and on shutterfly-- when you select that you want to "share" your album or book-- it now gives you the option to put it on facebook, blogger, twitter etc!