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Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you Zhu Zhu?

OK, I have officially crossed the line as a parent. Until yesterday morning I had never even heard of a "Zhu Zhu" pet. I ran over to drop off some stuff for my mom yesterday morning, and when I got there, my mom gave me a credit card and said "You have to go get Zhu Zhu pets and accessories for Matthew and Molly." Um, what? What are Zhu Zhu pets?? Then began my research. I learned all about the little stuffed gerbils that "learn" and act like real pets. They have lots of accessories, like a house, running ball, a car that it can learn to drive, blankets, carriers, even clothes. And, they are the "must have" gift this year. Think cabbage patch kids, furbees, etc. I have always thought those crazy people who stalked toy stores, waiting in line, running to the aisle, fighting over the "it" toy were complete and total nut bags. Until it was me.

That's right. I waited in line for two mornings at Toys R Us with the other crazies. We fervently shared our stories of our children and our quests for the Zhu Zhus. We waited excitedly for the clerk to open the door at exactly 10:00 this morning (not 10:01, as there would have been an angry mob by that point). We tried to retain some dignity, as we only race-walked through the store--we did not actually break into a run. But by 10:02, the shelves were clean as we had completely and thoroughly wiped them out of all things Zhu Zhu.

Please forgive me. Please don't judge. This is my admission. I have turned a parent corner--I have become that parent--the one that throws dignity and decorum out the window all to see the giant smiles on the faces of her little darlings. And I'm proud.

8 people had nice things to say:

Griffith Family said...

You are so funny. The things you will do for your kids has no limits so don't even deny it. And that club of "those" parents is a full club- trust me, I'm in it. However, I was able to put off webkinz for a good long while. So, are the accessories real or is it another computer thing?

Camily said...

No, it's not a computer thing--the accessories are real. It actually is pretty cute. I'm impressed.

Lucy said...

Hilarious! So this is what awaits me? :)

Judith said...

I am embarrassed for you - these Zuh Zuh creatures better be over the top!

Please take a pic and share them with us!

Murry Mayhem said...

I'm getting this really hilarious mental picture right now! Too stinking funny!

Andrea "The H family" said...

I don't judge honey. NEVER JUDGE. LAUGH...make fun of you..BUT NEVER JUDGE.
So..hi. I'm here. Yes, I'm stalking. Yes,..it's dang early.
Love you!!

The Waters Family said...

Zhu Zhu's?? hmmmm-- I must google-- search Amazon and check them out! LOL Don't want to be left out here -- haha!

Lucy said...

Left you a little something over on my blog!

Can't wait to see you!!