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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update-O-Rama (Warning: Picture Overload)!

I grew up in Amarillo and there are actually great things about it. One thing that I miss are the sunsets. We don't get those much around here. Or if we do, I can't see them because of the buildings! Several weeks ago, I was driving home, and to my surprise, I saw this sunset. I grabbed my camera out of my purse and took this while driving (I know. Don't judge)! It reminded me of the amazing West Texas sunsets. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we took the kids to Disney World a couple of weeks ago. It is definitely one of my favorite trips! The kids (and adults) love it! This is how we started out. I love this picture. It is so totally Matthew. He's loved airplanes since birth. Seriously. His nursery theme was airplanes.

Excited much?

Sweet girl!

The first picture, the first day!
Again, so totally my Matthew!

The Speedway

Matthew and Grandmom

Molly, Me & Daisy. Molly was so excited to see the characters, then when we got up to them, she wouldn't smile, look at them or anything. It was so funny! (Notice--this is day one where I attempted to fix my hair and wear makeup in the extraordinarily hot Orlando heat wave).

Matthew's favorite ride at Epcot: Test Track

Mike putting on a show for the crowds at Animal Kingdom. Whoo hoo!

Matthew doing his own entertaining.

The Kali River Rapids Ride--can you spot Mike and Matthew?

I can't believe that this was Matthew's favorite ride of all. Everest. He has no fear.
Look! They are getting along!

OK. This is Day 5. All hair fixing and makeup wearing has been long gone. The temperature in Orlando was 96, with a heat index of 105. It was HOT, people.

Molly was transfixed, aghast, ga ga over Ariel! For some reason, she has re-named her Princess Beauty. And sweet Matthew was so patient--can't you tell how much he loved this?

Sweet girl on the Aladdin ride--she looks so hot!

The picture everyone takes in front of the castle.

Molly's idea of super fun! She got so excited before she finally got to the princesses, she was screaming!

(Not sure why these pictures are blurry??)

And Molly's favorite "the pink princess!!!!"

I love these tea cup action pics!

Our last late night out. Just before the big parade--what could be better than a full day of fun, followed by a strawberry banana smoothie that costs $5?

Other than the rides, this was Matthew's favorite thing. He got his hair done twice at the barber shop at Magic Kingdom. The last day he begged me to let him sleep in it so he could show everyone when he got home.

Love him!

The night after we got back, we had tickets to U2 at Cowboy's Stadium. Amazing. Uh-mazing.

Oh my! Look at us! A night out without kids!

And to top it all off, my BFF flew in with her new baby all the way from Chicago! Molly has officially fallen in love! And who could blame her--he is PRECIOUS!

I could seriously eat him up. He sucks his thumb--so sweet!

Oh look, Molly, he loves you, too!

Last picture, I promise. On Tuesday, Matthew got in the car and he was so excited because he had earned a "Wonderful Stamp!" Every day, his teacher picks two students who have done their best, followed directions the first time, and have had great behavior. Matthew has never gotten the stamp and he's worked soooo hard. There have been days that he's gotten in the car and said "Mom! I was this close to earning the wonderful stamp today."
You did it, honey!

The End. For today!

8 people had nice things to say:

Miti said...

Hey Camily! I was over at Sneaky Momma and read your SSF. It was nice getting to know you, in a bloggy kind of way. I'm next in line. Should be fun. These were some great pics! Makes me wanna go to Disney so bad! Keep in touch and take care.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Just popping over from Jill's blog! Nice to me you...I loved your SSF! Your kiddos are too cute and the Disney trip looks like a ton of fun! We just took our boys in February and alot of our pics look the same {minus the princess ones}!

He & Me + 3 said...

Popping over from Jill's. Loved your interview. Looks like you all had a great time. FUN! Loved all the pictures.

septembermom said...

Hi Camily! I'm visiting from Sneaky Momma. I loved your interview. You have a great blog here. I love all the Disney pictures. Disney is my favorite place to go. I can't wait to go again. You made me anxious to try and plan a visit soon. Very happy to meet you this way :)

Aleta said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Jill's site. Enjoyed your answers to the questions and loved all the pictures from Disney. I went there last year with my family. You brought back a lot of happy memories!

Lucy said...

Love all the pictures!

Andrea "The H family" said...

Holy Blog post.....wow!! Loved it. I felt like I was there at DW. Loved Matthews hair pics and teacup pics. Loved seeing the update honey. I'm sickly in bed and blog stalking..so it's nice to read your blog update,
I love you,

Judith said...

I am filled up with love and adventure from these photos - a fab trip to Disney World and honestly every picture tells a story!