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Friday, November 13, 2009

More Stinkiness

Well, as you can tell, Mike and Matthew had a blast at their camp out. But if you look closely, you just might see something that will make you go "Hmmmmm." Do you see it?? Can you find the picture that made me say "Whatever! That's not camping out!!!"

If your tiny little eyes found the middle picture on the bottom row, and you determined that what you were seeing was indeed a flat screen tv sitting in the back of a pick up truck hooked up to a satalite, then, my friend, I'm sure you had the same feeling as I. Utter disbelief. This is not camping!! I had to control myself and think of the other pictures--the ones hiking, boating, archerying (I know that's not a word), shooting the BB gun, sleeping in sleeping bags, etc. These pictures, and the joy on Matthew's face when he told me about them, are the reason camp outs are great! Yay Adventure Guides!!!

2 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

I gotta tell you, the TV would be the only thing that would entice me to go camping! :)

Glad they had a good time!

The Waters Family said...

haha That's too funny! all of the pics looked like fun to me! Glad Matthew had such a wonderful time!