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Monday, November 16, 2009

Big, Bad Monster Trucks!

Well, since Matthew has had eyes and could peek them out of the car window as we were driving down the street, he has been amazed by pretty much any sort of vehicle that has wheels. Mesmerized. Enthralled. As a toddler, he would lay on the floor with his cheek on the floor and watch the wheels as he rolled a car back and forth. For hours. And hours. And still, at 5 1/2, he loves anything with wheels. So naturally, when I found out that the Monster Jam was coming, I got tickets (I know. I can't believe it either). And he loved it. In fact, I thought he was going to explode. It was magnificent.

I'm not sure which was better, actually getting to sit on Bigfoot or when Bigfoot's driver signed Matthew's Bigfoot shirt (where was my camera???)! Please note: Matthew did wear his signed Bigfoot shirt to school today. Oh my!

3 people had nice things to say:

Murry Mayhem said...

I love it! What a fun memory he'll have! And what a great mommy you are to get him tickets!

Lucy said...

The things we'll do for these kiddos, huh? Would you have ever thought you'd be at a monster truck show one day??? Love it!

Judith said...

Matthew must have a visit to Elvin and Angela's farm - to ride the tractor, combine and sit on ALL the big tires! As he gets older he could work for Elvin and drive the combines - oh my!

Love the photos and those monster trucks are mean looking - love the pic of Baby M on the Big Tire - his expression is the "tell all!"