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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Close . . .no cigar

Oh, beautiful Christmas Card Photo, how I searched for you. I looked at the Gaylord. You weren't there.

I looked at the park. Not there either. For some reason, my sweet, loving and adorable children who are always on their best behavior did not want to sit anywhere near each other nor be within touching distance. Screaming . . . not my sweeties. But I did learn that you can't have a Christmas card photo with just one child.

This is as close as we got to a nice family photo. It's fine, really. But I wanted something amazing. I learned a photographer has a hard time photographing her own family, especially while trying to be in the actual photograph.
I settled for a picture of Matthew and Molly. Next year, I'm starting early. Like maybe January.

5 people had nice things to say:

Shelly said...

thats too funny! it stresses me out if i ever set out to get a good pic of them all too...it just never happens! that is a really great pic of your son, but with no sister, of course! but the family pic was really good, you should have used that one!! btw, our christmas card this year was a montage of the pics you took! it turned out really good!

The Drama Mama said...

OK, that picture of Matthew is PRECIOUS! I mean, SO GOOD! And I think the family picture is awesome too! It just looks like you guys...does that make sense at all? I agree with you, I will definitely be starting the whole process earlier too!

I LOVED seeing you yesterday!!! Can't wait to do it again...soon! Love you!

Lucy said...

All of the pictures are good, but that picture of Matthew? It makes me want to eat his face! (I mean that in a good way!)

Judith said...

All great photos - whatever you choose for the holiday card will be cherished by the receiver!


Andrea "The H family" said...

LOL!!! LOVE IT!! OH HOW ART THOU SUCH A PAIN!! LOL!! I actually love your family shot! MOLLY CRACKS ME UP!! Girl..AT LEAST you tried. Next year: APRIL/MAY. Hide the photo...and then BAM! CHRISTMAS..a great card. Hugs sweetie. p.s. You look amazing by the way.