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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Matthew didn't have school today so he and I had some Mommy/son fun--something we don't get to do very often! So, we went bowling! Check out his form. He obviously gets his moves from me.

Proud much?

Great shot! Even if he does say so himself!

And I just thought this was cute.
After bowling, I asked him what he wanted for lunch--fully prepared for the usual answer (Fuddruckers!) but instead he said "Cracker Stackers and yogurt." So that's what we had! A very fun day with my sweet boy!

3 people had nice things to say:

Leslie said...

LOVE the pic of him sitting at the end of the lane! You've also got to love a man who isn't too hard to please (bowling and cracker stackers) AND knows what he wants. :) Glad you got to spend some special time together!

Judith said...

I want to go bowling with you and Matthew - at least roller skating - oh what fun these pics show - I love that you had a day with Matthew at the bowling alley!

Murry Mayhem said...

Yeah for fun days with our kids! Sounds like you 2 had a great time!