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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Thanksgiving, Alabama!

We spent Thanksgiving in Alabama with everyone. When I say "everyone," I mean my Mother and Father in Law, Mike's brother and his wife, Mike's other brother and his VSG (Very Serious Girlfriend, which is different from just a plain and regular girlfriend), and Mike's cousin, her husband, and their 3 kids. It was awesome that we all got to be together! It was special for all of us, but especially special for the kids!

Molly was seriously delighted when Daddy and Uncle Fatpants (don't ask) sat down to play "People" with her (which is her favorite thing to play).

And Matthew L O V E S Uncle Fatpants' VSG.  He's beyond happy in this picture, even if you can't see it on his face!

There was also lots of backyard activities, which we all loved!  Look at precious Lulu!  Adorable!
I added a line to seperate these photos for a reason.  Looking back at the football goings-on, I noticed something very interesting:  Men make dorky football faces, as evidenced in the following photos:

See?  All normally normal men (is that ok to say?), or at least seemingly normal, with nice, attractive faces.  And then *Poof!* Dorky football face.  Sorry guys.
Now, the football has gone by the wayside, and wrestling has taken place, but I'm pretty sure that since they are in the vicinity of a football, and the game was still going, that they, too, even at their young ages, had dorky faces that we just can't see.  But what you will notice in the following pictures is how cute and adorable the girls look while still playing football.  Men, you are very, very lucky.

I love this picture. 

And this is me, my MIL, my SIL, and VSG.  I love us!
The day after Thanksgiving, our backyard playing, adventure having plans got rained out, so we all went bowling.  And much fun was had!

It was really a wonderful Thanksgiving, with so very much to be Thankful for! 
(And try not to go into shock, but this is actually the second blog post today, so if you're just checking, be sure to scroll down to see the kids with Santa)!

2 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

Sweet Alabama and sweet pictures! YOU and your family are so busy!
kiss kiss

brianteed said...

Fantastic pics Cam!! It was probably the best Thanksgiving we've had!