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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Randomness

Good morning!  I haven't actually written a post in a while, so I thought I would treat you with some randomness this morning!

1.  Molly is sick, again.  She finished antibiotics on Monday, was all clear, and now is just as sick as she was with HUGE tonsils.  We're going to the pediatrician at 9:30.

2.  I am really hoping and praying that no one else gets sick.  Because we've all had the stomach bug, then both kids got the sickness that Molly has, and now she's sick again. 

3.  And (I'm just going to be completely honest here), I'm going scrap booking next week and I really, really don't want to be sick or getting over a sickness.  I was getting over a sickness at one retreat and it was so irritating to me (and I'm sure everyone else) to have to blow my nose every 5 minutes--and I am sure my snoring was lovely to those in my room! 

4.  Matthew has his second basketball game tonight and they are so fun!  I never imagined that I would love watching him play basketball this much!!!!  At the beginning of the game, they play loud "pump it up rock and roll" music and all the parents make a tunnel with their hands.  They announce each player's name and number and they run down the tunnel and get high 5's.  I love it!  Last week, I was completely emotionally unprepared for this, as it was his first game.  I didn't know they did this!  I didn't know whether to cry or take pictures.  You can see there are no pictures.  I'm hoping it goes better tonight!

5.  I've been super busy planning, errand running, etc. for the teacher appreciation luncheon at Molly's Preschool.  This is the 3rd year I've done the luncheon and each year, I'm amazed at the generousity of the parents who contribute financially towards the luncheon.  Let me just say, it is very, very nice.  Each teacher receives at least one gift card, with lots of other door prizes and gift cards to be given away.  I'm having it catered and it is going to be so great--the teachers will feel very appreciated, which they greatly deserve!

6.  I'm happy to announce that I have managed to keep the house cleanish and the laundry done-ish for quite a while, thanks to everyone picking up in the evenings, and our new found "discipline plan" where the kids earn "labor" minutes for certain behaviors.  It's awesome.  Matthew had two days with lots of labor, but he's been labor free for several days!  Molly, on the other hand, loved her labor and wanted to do more "chores" when her time was up.  Hmmmm.

7.  I haven't blogged about this, but my most amazing husband got me a new camera (a Canon 5D Mark II) for Christmas.  I was NOT expecting this, to say the least.  I opened the box and seriously was speechless.  I started crying.  It was a huge suprise!  I think the reason that I was so emotional was because I am blessed with such a supportive husband.  He supports me in everything I do.  I am truly appreciative to have him, and so happy that I recognize how supportive he is.

I could go on and on, but I've got my hair to fix before we go to the pediatrician!  I can't go in looking, well, like I look right now!  Ha!

Happy Friday!

1 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

labor minutes - dear goddess, what's next??? I guess it's better than being black and blue!!