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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Re-cap and Snow day

So, I've been gone for a big--on my scrapbooking weekend (which has gone from a 3 day to a 5 day extravaganza).  Then home to reality, and a snow day with kids at home (yay)!  So, I've neglected my photo a day.  But I've been taking (some) photos, so I'm posting them.  Side note:  some of these were taken with my iPhone, so please ignore the quality! Also, I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the new Blogger setup.  I can't always leave space between pictures, so some of them have a caption instead of a heading.  Sorry.  Will work on this, but it requires HTML, which is gross.

January 22:  Matthew and Ginger Bell

 January 24 (I know, I missed a day.  Probably won't be the last!)  This is the view looking into my kitchen--my life right now.  I wanted to post this because I want to remember Matthew's blue camoflauge backpack, the schoolwork, the giant box of pullups (that holds graded papers) and all that comes with having young kids.  I love it!

 January 25:  Makin' copies.  I do all the copying for the first grade at Matthew's school every week. 
January 26:  Molly  & Dr.S (my most favorite pediatrician)
January 29:  Scrapbook Retreat (taken with iPhone)
January 30: Ridin' the rails
January 31:  My Early Valentine (taking photos for Molly's Valentine).  Alas, Matthew declared "no pictures!" on his Valentines this year.  Only Monster Trucks.  Boo.
February 1:  Snow Day!

3 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

what fun to live through your photos - love the pics of Matthew and kitty girl! Molly in her leopard attire and love those fab ear muffs - I have a pair also!!!

Where was Matthew going on the train?


Camily said...

Auntie--he was going downtown to see the Harlem Globetrotters.

Jill said...

You guys got a lot more snow than we did! Seems like all we got was packed ice, which was such a tease, as we cannot play in it!
I'm sure you've already tried this, but here's how I add a space behind my photos: go into the html of your post and hit enter directly behind the last character of the photo code. For captions, I just type what I want to say, then center and italicize it. Blogger has made things so much 'easier' but I prefer the old fashioned way of getting it all done! :)