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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where to begin??

Hello to all my sweet blogger friends! I know it's been several days since I last posted. Oh my. First, let me say that I have had a stomach virus. I'll spare you the ugly details, but let me just say, I honestly think it was the worst stomach virus I've ever had. Yuck. Double yuckety yuck. But, if one good thing came from that, it's that I lost 3.4 more pounds! Yippee! There better be some kind of reward for what my tummy has been through! LOL! (Don't worry--I will not be inserting a picture here). With that being said--I still have two beautiful children living in my house, and life must go on. I thought that I was going to be going to my first photography club meeting, so I was taking pictures like crazy. Then reality hit, and I decided I better not share my sickness, so I didn't go. But I did get some cute pictures of our weekend.

I took this photo of my sweet and wonderful husband, Mike, and my brother-in-law, David. David is the one in the blue scrubs. I don't have any brothers or sisters, despite many years of begging my parents to have another child, but also secretly being sort of glad that I got all the attention and didn't have to share everything. But now I'm married. When I married my D.H. (Dear Husband), I also got his two brothers. Meaning . . . I now have these two amazing brothers. (Sorry, Brian--I have to find a picture of you to post.) Well, I am serious blog friends, these two men are wonderful and amazing guys (and both single). I have to give Mike's parents credit for raising wonderful sons. David is hilarious--we have a very similar since of humor (does that make me hilarious too?? I think it must! Hee hee hee.) He's smart, great with Matthew and Molly, successful, fun, helps with the dishes (love that!), and just generally great. There's so much that I could say about him. I am so thankful that he is my brother-in-law.
Now, David came over Friday afternoon before Mike got home from work. He and I were in the kitchen talking, when I realized that Matthew was being really quiet. Eerily quiet. For a 3 year old boy, quiet is not a good thing. This is why he was being so quiet.

OK--I secretly love that he did this and was not at all upset. I LOVE, love, love to color, draw, and be creative (which I think is why I love photography so much). My mom says that I've been coloring since I could hold a pencil. She also always says that if there wasn't any paper, I would draw on MYSELF. Well, look what my sweet and brilliant child did--he drew on himself!!! I just love that he did that. Love it!
I have MUCH more to say about this weekend, but I am out of time and still need to update my weightloss ticker, so got to go, friends! XOXOXO to you all!

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April Williams said...

there just aren't words. reid did this one time...except, he skipped coloring his legs and colored all over my beige sofa! yelp, that's right. i can't say that i secretly loved that he did that though! still a priceless story to tell and share with all.