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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well, it's about time!!!!

I know--I've kept you in suspense long enough. You were probably sitting at your computer checking every few minutes to see if I blogged. Well, here you go, it's about time!

There is much to say, but I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part, or we'll all be here forever!

Let me take you back in time a couple of weeks to the first day of school. Matthew started Pre-K this year and Miss Molly started her official time at MDO--woo hoo! They love it and are doing great (except for the yellow dot on Matthew's chart today instead of a sticker with a note that said "we had to continually remind Matthew to listen and follow directions." Uh oh. We had a talk.) And yes--that's a pink bow in her hair with her orange shirt. You can't see her pink/orange skirt in this picture.
Matthew and his all-important Scooby Doo backpack. Scooby Doo is the new fave.

Last weekend, we went to my cousin Jennifer's (the same Jennifer featured in my last F&F Friday and the same Jennifer who hasn't blogged in 4 months--hint, hint). They have a beautiful new house and we had a weekend with all the fam--it was great. By the way, there was a conversation with my family regarding my Friends & Family Friday feature--I know, I know--it will be back. It's on sabatical.

I love this picture of Justin in his manly cammo after a morning of hunting reading to sweet baby girl. I just love it.

The boys. Oh, serious fun was had.
Let me just say that I uploaded 124 pictures off of my camera tonight and this is the ONLY one I'm in. I know I'm the photog, but still! I need to hand the camera over a little more, apparently.
My aunt and uncle have a new boat, so we got to ride and it was so fun!

Check out the view from Jenn's back porch. The picture does not do it justice. At all.

On the way home on Monday, we all stopped at the river for a little fun in the water. Well, the boys had fun--Molly wasn't impressed. She wouldn't even dip her tootsies in--she was adamant._______________________________________________________________

THEN, as if all this fun wasn't enough, Uncle Brian was in town on Saturday. For those of you who don't know, he's a sound engineer and travels around with Huey Lewis. And the News. It's super cool and if you're 4 years old, it's almost too cool to believe--Matthew digs rock and roll. So, we went on over and watched the sound check. The actual show was too loud and too late for little ears--but the sound check was way cool. That's Uncle B doing his work and Matthew's head watching in amazement.

Thanks for checking out all our fun! Love you!

3 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

I love the pics and never, ever, ever dip Miss Molly's tooties in the river! She is not a country girl!
Matthew's hair is a-dor-a-ble! I love the spikes - does he do that?

Pre K will be great for Matthew, once he learns "the drill" he will be the OS (outstanding student!)


Griffith Family of Texas said...

Sweet, sweet photos. Love preschool and the joy they have for BIG school. Have to agree with Molly's feeling on the river. Yuck! The girl knows!

Mamas' Night Out- can't do this coming Thursday. Can do Oct. 2. Can you?

The Waters Family said...

Love your new blog header and layout-
your kiddos are so adorable- I love the river pics- looks like fun