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Friday, December 26, 2008

Fur, Fun, Friends, & Family

My sweet dh has been home since last Friday and it's been wonderful! We've gotten to spend some much-needed family time together (and managed to argue less than 2 times--which is a success)! So, here's a little update on our past week or so. Last Thursday, Molly and Matthew were in their last morning of school before break when my car suddenly and inexplicably turned in to Petco. My body moved, as if propelled by an outside force, to the SPCA area and I found myself speaking the words "We would like to have that sweet kitty, please." Oh, there was a lot more to it than that, but that pretty much sums it up. So, on Thursday night, our little family added 4 little furry feet to our household. Matthew named her Ginger Bell--she's 6 months old and just as sweet and patient as I can imagine. The kids LOVE her, which was the whole point. Matthew has been asking for a cat for 2 years since the nightmare I like to call "The Psycho Kitten Fiasco" which is not an understatement, but would be an entirely different entry. Then, Matthew was a shepherd in his Christmas program. And it was just about the cutest thing ever. Have you ever seen a shepherd pick his nose on stage? Well, that's just what my little shepherd did, and I loved it! I know, I know. But I did! How funny!

Then Friday, we were off to Build A Bear with my friend, Tiff, and family. Oh, how fun! The kids all had a ball. Molly even picked out pink cowboy boots for her dog and is quite frustrated that they don't fit her, too! The other night, she wouldn't go to bed until we found the boots and they were properly outfitted on her dog. So funny--she has such a fashion conscience!

The weekend before, we had our family Christmas at my cousin's in Shamrock. Going to Shamrock is the high point in Matthew's life right now. He loves, loves, loves to go see his cousins. He would go every weekend if he could. It is also good that Uncle Joe has a big red tractor to sit on.

Matthew and Aiden having fun.
Molly being silly. (Side note: when Matthew was a baby, I always took his paci out of his mouth for pictures and now I don't have any paci pictures of him--which is sad because that was such a part of his little baby life. So now I always leave Molly's paci in her mouth--I know it's not the cutest, but at least I'll have pictures!)

Could they be having any more fun? I don't think so--pure love.
I have tons of Christmas day pictures, too, but it's past my bedtime, friends. I could have blogged about 100 Shamrock pictures. Jenn and Judy: I'll upload them to shutterfly and send you the link so you can see them all. Merry Merry Christmas!

4 people had nice things to say:

Andrea "The H family" said...

awwww!! I love the pictures girl!
and the blog entry was hysterical by the way. Merry Christmas!! So...seriously! A KITTY!! LOL!! Must have been one heck of a windstorm pulling you into that parking lot honey. Too fun.
Ok girl! The kids look great. And yes..paci pics are priceless. I'm a bit overdue to get rid of Luke's though! LOL
Hugs sweetie..see YOU SOON!!!

Griffith Family said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Loved all the pictures and laughed at the post. The nightmare kitty fiasco sounds like quite a memory and you are on to the sweet kitty.

Blessings to you, sweet Friend!

gorgeous said...

Gingerbell - the purrfect name for the purrfect kitten! Miss Molly likes pink cowgirl boots - well, now she is my kinda gal! Love the pics, love Matthew as a shepherd and the pics of the cousins is a keeper! Post the pics

Lucy said...

What fantastic pictures (as always!) LOVE the nose-picking shepherd!!

Also, I just noticed that your weather pixie is a bit goth! Today she is wearing what appears to be black leather clothes with mesh sleeves and purple combat boots. Rock on, girl!!!!