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Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in the Bloggle . . .uh . . .Saddle?

Holy Guacamole! The best surprise ever for my sweet husband: He turned 40 a few days after Christmas and I somehow managed to blow his socks off (with a little help, of course). So, last Sunday, the 28th, I told him to pack a change of clothes and we were going to go spend the night out. He thought we were going to the Gaylord, but NOPE! We went to the airport, and headed for Vegas! What a great way to spend your 40th birthday! Even the people in the airport helped keep the surprise--right up until we boarded the plane. He was shocked! Here's his picture trying to figure out why we're turning into the airport: And of course, we spent lots of time on the strip! We even managed to come back with a little extra money.
Our picture at the hotel.

Another big highlight of the trip was getting to spend a little time with my Grandma Mickey. She's 92 and such an amazing, amazing person. She has had quite a life, and always makes the choice to be happy--truly happy. She's a role model, for sure.

Mike's parents sent a bottle of champagne, which was so nice and completely enjoyed by us both! We had a trip to the hot tub (and--it was actually cold in Vegas), so the hot tub was so much fun!

Cheers to you, my love! What a happy, happy birthday--I hope the next 40 are as wonderful as the last 40!

We came home on New Year's and headed for our first play date of 2009. So much fun!

Then last night, we headed over to David and Jessica's for a little fun. Oh yes Wii did! And if it were not for the fact that we are trying to put off video games for Matthew and Molly as long as possible, I would be at the store buying Wii/Guitar Hero right this very minute! It was so much fun! And Matthew managed, somehow, to beat his mommy at Wii baseball. Hmmmm. I don't know how he did it. I was really trying, too!

Mike and Jessica, aka, David's girlfriend. I really, really like her! She and her step-mom are going with me on the famous scrapbooking retreat in just a few short weeks.
Mii, totally rocking out on guitar hero. Well, so I was at the "Easy" level, but still, I was rockin'!

Happy New Year! Any resolutions? Hmmmm. I'll have to get back to you on that. Love you!

3 people had nice things to say:

Griffith Family said...

What an awesome post!!! Love the birthday surprise. That whole he-really-has-no-idea-where-you-are-taking-him look is priceless. What an amazing wife you are!! Wii looks like fun and we have purposely avoided it so far, but I can tell that the time is coming. I hear it is a blast!

Hollie said...

OMG, is Guitar Hero not the BEST?! I played for the first this weekend too...I have a feeling that will make it's way into our home in the near future (Robbie already has plans up his sleeve to turn our front room into a 'game room')!

And WOW! for pulling off such a huge surprise...I know it was killing you not to be able to share that fun news! It looks like you both had a blast!

Thanks for the birthday wishes too! We have got to get together soon...maybe once I get into the routine of things. I will call you soon! Love you, girl!

gorgeous said...

OMGoddess, What an amazing, fantastic, rockin' & rollin" 40th Bday surprise for the Man of the Hour! Vegas, champagne, hot tubs, The Strip and Grandma Mickey - Mike's head must have been spinning and it was ALL about him! You are in deed a wife extraordinarie! So great to see the joy and love you two share for each other! Mickey looks adorable and it is so hard to believe she is 92! I know she loved seeing you and being part of the BIG surprise.

Don't know any thing about Wii! BTW, you look like a rock star strummin' the guitar! Rock Out Sista!

Love the pics, love the post and love you!