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Friday, January 9, 2009

What have you been doing?

You know how those phone conversations start with your friends, your husband, etc? Where the other person says "so what have you been doing?" (Or worse, where the husband--not mine, of course, he would never say this--says "So what did you do ALL day?" like you sat on the couch, watched soap operas, and ate bon bons???). Well--this is what I did this week. Please keep in mind that our house is normally not this wrecked, but husband and children had been home for over two weeks, and things got a little, shall we say, C R A Z Y!

I like to call this: Matthew's Room Before Matthew's Room AfterPlay Room Before

Play Room After

Dining Room Before
Dining Room After

Prepare yourself! Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Living Room Before

Living Room After

I also cleaned our "office"--which is really our secret room where we put all the odds and ends. It is now safe to enter. Mike will probably come home, see it, and freak out! "Where did you put everything??? Did you throw ______ away??? (said with a slight tone of panic). If you remember from prior posts, he's a saver and I'm, well, not.

So, we also have this kitty. Miss Ginger Bell. AKA Q-Tip. That's right. I'm going to start calling her Q-Tip. They are her toys of choice. I'm finding them all over the house. She's theiving them out of my Q-tip jar in the bathroom.

I'm not kidding. She runs into the bathroom and puts her teeny little paws in my cute and adorable Q-Tip holder and then has her way with them.The post wouldn't be complete with out a few shots of the kidlets. Here is my future engineer.

Sweet kidlets eating breakfast this fine morning. Don't look too close, Basco is probably drooling.

Where's Molly? Wheeeeeere did Molly goooooo? I can't find her!

Oooh, let's look a little closer.
There she is!

And as if to break her Mama's heart. Mama says "Molly, smile for the camera!"

Molly says "No! No! No! Noooooooo!"

I'll get over it. After a margarita. Or two. Happy Friday!

2 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Do you ever sleep? This blog is the making of a book - with already made characters - parents, children, animals - dog and cat - and a story line that Meryle Streep would die for!

Love the before and after pics, Q-tip is precious ( Dante loves q-tips also cuz they rollllll!) and love the pics of Miss Molly hiding in the dirty clothes!

Happy Saturday eve!

Griffith Family said...

You inspire me to do this. But I think I'd rather just look at your before and after pictures! Isn't it amazing how much mess 2 small children can make? Who knew? Throw in a husband and a cat, and well, Mom has a lot to do!

Enjoyed the pictures!