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Friday, December 19, 2008

OK--so MUCH to say!

Really, I could just sit at the computer and post to this blog for 2 hours. I have pictures with Santa to blog, pictures from our family Christmas las weekend, pictures from Matthew's Christmas program yesterday, pics of Molly in her very first bubble bath, and pictures of the newest members of our family (what?? what did I just say???). So--let me just say that I'll get there. Maybe, maybe I'll stay up late tonight and do it.
Also, my sweet friend and one of my very favorite people in the whole world, Tiffany, is coming for a visit today! We worked together when I was teaching (she's a speech therapist--the very best there is and I'm not kidding) and she moved to Henrietta, Texas several years ago. She has two beautiful boys and they are coming for some major Build A Bear Christmas fun this afternoon. There will definitely be pictures of that fun happening.
BUT--I just read my friend Ann's blog, and left her an entirely too long comment. It's basically this: I am having HUGE cravings, urges, wants, and needs to go to the fabric store. I have been for a few days. Y'all, it's bad. Mike's parents are giving Molly a bunkbed for her baby dolls for Christmas. It is all put together in our laundry room--it's pink and purple and just so cute. BUT--the bed bottoms are cardboard and I keep thinking how cute it would be to get some foam for mattresses, and make tiny sheets, blankets, and pillows. Molly loves her babies and she must have little covers to tuck them in at night. She loves to tell her babies "night night" and pat them. So, I won't mention the two quilt kits that are in the top of my closet not made and my precious Halloween throw that is almost finished from two Halloween's ago (I'll have it done by next Halloween--I'll blog it). I also have a couple of pairs of Matthew's pants to take up and one little sewing project for little missy. SO--can't you just tell that the doll bed is a major priority in my life? It must come first. After all, there's only 6 days until Christmas. And like 300 days until Halloween!

2 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

OMG, you crack me up. But, seriously...newest member of our family?!?!? It is illegal in blog world to say something like that and then not give any details! I PROMISE...I have never been guilty of that (wink!). Can't wait to hear more. And I am certain we won't see each other before Christmas....so let's get together soon after, ok?! Love you!

gorgeous said...

give up girlfriend! what's the secret and you better get bizzy with the tiny sheets and mattress pad for babe dolls!

I wanna c this family Christmas party pics!