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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All I wanna do is dance

The highlight of the weekend was a wonderful dinner out with BIL David and his girlfriend, Jessica. We went to a "fancy" restaurant and had an incredible meal! It was a gift from David to Mike for his 40th birthday and let me just say, it was sooooo nice. Here we are basking in the after-deliciousness. Jessica and I had peppercorn glazed petite filet with a lobster tail, garlic mashed pots, and yummy asparagus. We also had calamari, and a peanut butter, banana yum yum for dessert. Then we went back the their house and played Wii. So fun!

So--we also moved Molly into her big girl bed on Saturday. She's been trying to climb out of her crib and would have made it if I hadn't run right into her room. So, sweet baby girl is fancy pants now. Check out this precious bed. She saw it at Baby's R Us and it was love at first sight. It's a toddler bed, and the bedding and canopy have satin fabric with fairies (Tinkerbell) on them--soooo pretty. She loves it during the day, and the nights? Well, not so much.

We've been having a few nighttime "issues" with little Miss Priss. Without going into too much detail, she had done really well in her new bed until last night. She had a little cough left over from her sickness and I think it kept waking her up, then she'd cry, get out of bed, and then Mike or I would rock her. Over and over. And over. We were up off and on until 4 am when we finally put her in our bed. We usually don't want to put them in our bed, but people, we had to get some sleep. And to top it all off, no school today! Arrrrggggg! I probably wouldn't have sent Molly anyway (not that you can tell she didn't have her sleep--she's happy and playful now)! But I did have grand illusions of a nap when Molly had hers. Ahhhhh . . .as my friend Andrea just blogged today, "the end of selfishness."

I'll leave you with this: when all else fails, turn on the music and dance! We did (thanks to the reminder from Aunt Judy) and it worked! Everything was better. But I am still tired!

3 people had nice things to say:

Griffith Family said...

These are some sleep deprived years. They go as quickly as they come too. Josiah is our rock star sleeper and fell out of bed last night. Grace had a nightmare and ran to our room at 5am. I know that tide will turn soon and we'll all be well rested again. Take that nap when you can- Mommies need them too!

The dinner sounds fabulous!!! Yum!!

Andrea "The H family" said...

Ok, first and foremost, the BED. Seriously girl! I'll buy that thing from you when Hannah bean gets to that point! HOW CUTE IS THAT! Ok. The sickness. (notice that glamour comes first) Girl..I hate it. We are all miserable. I pray she's better. How's Matthew doing as well? OK?
Love you---and glad we are getting this now and not next weekend!

gorgeous said...

Well, you and Mike look deliciously happy in the photo and you, as all ways, are gorgeous and the height of glam!

Now, the Baby Goddess Castle! You, the master story teller, must weave a tale of magic for Miss Molly about sleeping the Baby Goddess Castle - that is only her castle and the sleep fairies will come only at night to hug and sing her to sleep. Find some little fairy dust and sprinkle it on her and the bed and invite the fairies in. The only condition is Miss Molly sleeps in her bed at night! Magic, Darling, is the key to all delight!

Happy dreams,