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Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a good thing our copay is only $20 . . .

or we wouldn't be eating, or paying bills, or, well, anything. Matthew woke up with a fever again, so we're off to the doctor in an hour. Seriously, can we just get through a month without someone being sick??? I swear people, we wash our hands, I give the kids vitamins, I clean the house and disinfect, wash the sheets (often, when we're sick), and these dang germies just keep getting us! I think it's probably preschool, but still!

Also accompanying Matthew's current sickness is a serious case of The Grumps. I mean it. It's bad y'all. He is so grumpy, and just downright mean to Molly sometimes. I am firm and consistant and tell him just because he's sick, he can't be mean to his sister. I swear, why is the sibling stuff so hard? I never had a brother/sister, so I don't get it. Why can't they just love each other and be nice and get along? Sometimes Molly will get all mad just because Matthew sat down beside her. Geeeeeez. Help??! Or should I just start saving now for their therapy?

2 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

Oh, girl! I just blogged about this same thing not too long ago! I wish I could tell you it get's better, but my advice is to start saving for therapy now! Just wait until Molly can really communicate with Matthew...so fun, let me tell you! Praying for you guys! Love ya!

gorgeous said...

Condolences to Matthew. With all people, small and big, young and old, I have found being consistent and loving offers a cozy and comfy environment of acceptance and security. More than survive you thrive. Breathe deep and know that Matthew is as tired of being sick as you are of him being sick! Pop them in the car for ride to the fav drive in, do whatever it takes to allow the internal and external fever to dissolve and remember Who is in charge anyway! And I know you are grateful you have such good insurance for those babes. You are a fantastic mother so relax!