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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Most Loyal Blog Follower

My Aunt Judy, aka Auntie Mame, Gorgeous. I was looking back through my blog for something when I looked at my very first post, which was almost 2 years ago. And guess who had commented? My Aunt Judy! And I think she has commented on almost every single blog entry I have had for the past two years. Just the other day she told me that she checks it almost every night. So, she gets my award: Most Loyal Blog Follower! Here are a few things you should know about my aunt:

1. She's a woman! She's and independant, self-supporting woman who loves to laugh, have fun, relax, visit, and work out.

2. She is hilarious! She loves to be funny--and she is! Whenever we are together, we always laugh!

Three. (My number three key has been picked off of my laptop--I think Matthew did it, but he won't admit it). She's had her life struggles (haven't we all), and has clawed her way to the top. Not that every day is easy, but I think she's overcome a lot, and I admire her for that.

4. She makes the best fried okra in the world. When my Papa Joe was alive, about every 2-three years, he's say "Let's make fried chicken and okra. Judy, you make the okra." She also makes great Spice Cookies. And salads.

5. She loves her kitty! My Aunt Judy has never been an animal person. Ever. But several years ago, a couple of kitty's chose her. Seriously. They walked up to her and made her take them home. That's when it happened. Now she has Dante, and they love each other!

6. She loves to say "fuck." She says it in every possible way, to mean all sorts of different things! Fuck! (That's terrible). Fuck! (That's great!) Fuck! (I wish I could have that!) Fuck! (I don't want that!) Really, it's a great word for all kinds of things and she makes great use out of it. Which can be a little shocking when you're a 14 year old neice, but not so much anymore!

7. She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to say it. I also admire this. Not only is she not afraid to say it, she claims that it will be and then it usually is.

8. She's a great skier. She used to live in Taos, and she'd ski A LOT. That woman can ski!

9. She has some wonderful friends. She has these friends that she's known forever. They've all been through a lot, but all love and support each other. What more can you ask for?

10. She's my auntie mame! There's no one else like her, that's for sure! She's wild, loyal, loving, fiesty, sexy, talkative, spiritual, fun . . . I could go on and on. But most of all, we have a very special relationship that I will always treasure. I love you!

6 people had nice things to say:

Alicia said...

What a sweet post! Your auntie mame sounds like a hoot! Glad you have her!

The Waters Family said...

Well FUCK! (that's awesome LOL)

I was wondering who 'gorgeous' was- She always says the coolest things when she comments!

It's nice to be connected with family through blogging!

Griffith Family said...

So glad you did this! I've always wondered who Gorgeous was and she is indeed. What a neat person to have in your life. And I totally appreciate the use of Fuck in a variety of ways. Before children I used it on occassion myself.


Lucy said...

Love this and love your aunt!

I also love the F word and your lack of a #3 key! Funny!

The Drama Mama said...

Yes, not having a number 3 key made me laugh out loud! And I appreciate your Auntie Mame, Gorgeous as well....when Ky was so sick in the hospital a year ago, she came on over to my blog and gave me some love...it was so sweet of her! She is a beautiful lady...really beautiful!

gorgeous said...

FUCK ME RUNNING! Oh my Goddess, tears are streaming down my cheeks from your blog about MOI! I am honored to be chosen your "Most Loyal Blog Follower!" I so love to end my day with reading your life blog concerning Mike, You, the Babes Teed - I feel so connected through the virtual world.

Thank you Darling for the many kind compliments and words, much is true, much is through the eyes of love and much makes me laugh and cry.

With the deepest of love to you, we do indeed have a very special relationship and I am after all,
Forever, Your Auntie Mame!!!!!