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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update . . .in pictures

Wow--now that I finally blogged, I'm doing it twice in one day! I'm living on the wild side. I had a few minutes, so I finally uploaded the pictures from my point and shoot from the past 10 days so that I can post about what we've been up to.

Last weekend, we got together with some of my favorite people and took the kids to the Roughrider game. We sat in the outfield in the grass so the kids could run around. We had so much fun--the kids loved it and got to run and play and be free. So here's Molly and Olivia. They are so funny! Two peas in a pod!

And talk about two of a kind! Matthew and Kate adore each other--it's so cute!

Most of the kids by the fence in the outfield.

And then last week, I got to go on Matthew's Kindergarten field trip to the zoo. We had so much fun--we were researching animals that roar and animals that have stripes. Their program is tonight and it is also zoo themed. It should be precious!

We have also been swimming twice. Molly got really brave and ventured out on her own with her ring. She starts swimming lessons in a couple of weeks and is really excited. I'm excited that she'll be swimming, too!

Um, I think he might be having fun! Mike scored major points for getting in the water with the kids. It was too cold for moi!

Matthew has also been playing baseball--coach pitch this year. He loves it and the team is really getting good!

The other bonus of a long baseball game:

On Sunday, we went to Wichita Falls for a birthday party for one of my dearest friend's sons. It was wonderful to see her and her family. AND--Matthew bowled a strike--without using the bumpers! I guess all of that Wii payed off!


4 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

Fun abounds - pure, summer fun! Love the pics at the zoo, the ball park and the pool! Do your children every sleep??? Or I should rephrase that - Do you every sleep???

Love the visual share!!

Lucy said...

Great pictures. I especially like the one of Mr. Matthew conked out. He had played HARD!!! Love y'all!

Judith said...

I love the shot of the small child holding his crotch - boys just don't give a damn!

The Waters Family said...

Wow... Yall have been having so much fun! And-- love all the pictures! you know that saying... 'a picture's worth a thousand words!!' WELL-- You captured some great moments!!:)