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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Legoland--AKA California Adventures Part 2

These were all taken with my iPhone, since my camera had broken the morning that we went to Legoland.  They are ok.  But really, it's the memories that are important!

I love this first one because it has Matthew's Pillow Pet in it.  My kids absolutely looooove their Pillow Pets!  Do yours?
Legoland was perfect for the ages of our kids.  There were lots of rides that they could do all by themselves, which they loved, because they felt so big!  This is Molly's first ride by herself!  She was so proud!
Yet another reason why Mike always wins Father of the Year!  He's the best daddy ever!

I think they might have been having fun!?
Molly was sad because there was a ride she really wanted to do, but she wasn't tall enough.  But please notice the change in her attitude in the very next picture.  The pictures were taken about 90 seconds apart!

Matthew was so proud that he got to ride the log ride all by himself!
Silly boy!

Happy Wednesday! 

1 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

This may be the best blog of pics EVER! Fun had by all and in particular the Babes Teed! I don't have a pillow pet but I desire one! They look rather large, are there other sizes that are not so conspicuous? ha ha ha - love the ride pics of M&M&M! Where were you?